As we learned from the $10 Dining Challenge: Magic Kingdom, a little cash can go a lot further than you might think at Walt Disney World. To reiterate, I began this quest because my daughter’s Honor’s Choir will be visiting WDW next week and included in their package is a $10 dining gift card for each day they visit the parks. I first scoffed at the idea that such a small amount would be remotely sufficient to secure sustenance for anyone and knew my daughter would have enough cash on hand to supplement. However, knowing some kids will really need to make the most of that money, I put in some time to create these cheat sheets to help them make them aware of wonderful and smart choices they can make, while not feeling too limited.  As it turns out, you can eat pretty well for ten bucks. Take a look at the second cheat sheet in this series,  $10 Dining Challenge: Magic Epcot.  While prices in Epcot are slightly higher, it’s still very possible to savor and enjoy some fantastic food throughout the day under $10. Keep an eye out for the Hollywood Studios challenge next time!

What’s your favorite low-cost food item in Epcot?

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