by Felicia Tiberi (Adulting DisFe)

On the back corner of Commissary Lane in Hollywood Studios, you’ll find a tucked-in sound stage. You step inside to find the host and hostess stand. The smell of fresh popped popcorn greets you. You are led through the narrow and dark hallways, gliding alongside backstage props and the wooden stakes holding up the scenery walls inside. It gets quieter as you move on, and you can feel yourself being transported back in time to the 50s. You break through the dimension and there is a calmness as you take in all the rows and rows of old fashioned cars with families quietly seated inside. It’s nighttime with just the right amount of soft lighting. Everyone is watching the giant screen at the front and is happily enjoying their dinners at the Sci-Fi Dine In Theater.

I hope I transported you into the amazing atmosphere that is my favorite restaurant at the Walt Disney World Resort (or actually, my favorite restaurant period!). Ever since the first time my mom and I happened upon this place years ago, I refuse to not go to Sci-Fi Dine In Theater every time I visit Walt Disney World.

If you’ve been here, you get it. If not, allow me to explain! Disney World is full of bright sunshine and people hustling and bustling about while they have fun gallivanting through the parks. While I love the craziness that is Disney World, it can be exhausting at times! Sci-Fi is dark and cool, and everyone is watching the clips on the screen, so it is still, peaceful, and quiet. And I mean everyone. Young and old are entranced by taking the down time to enjoy some food and watch fun clips. You can really feel the atmosphere change when you go to Sci-Fi.

You eat at booths or tables that are designed as old-fashioned cars. There is no other restaurant that you can eat in a car like this (it is also far better than eating in an actual car!). Every seat is a good seat to view the screen. They play clips of cartoons as well as old “terror” movie trailers. Kids and adults alike enjoy them. I’ve gone with my mom countless times and we never tire of them. We brought my dad and brother and they loved it. I’ve brought my boyfriend twice now and he is just as hooked.

The menu may not be pages long, but there are more than enough options for everyone. It is classic American style cuisine and I’ve had several different items. This past time I went (May 2018) and they had a new menu! I tried the flame broiled New York strip steak with bacon vinaigrette and herb butter that had asparagus and potatoes on the side. This is an atypical meal choice for me, but it was delicious. I always, always, always get the cherry vanilla coke. I’ve gotten milkshakes multiple times as well (can’t beat a 50’s style place serving milkshakes!). Out of everyone I have brought to eat there, no one has ever complained about their food. It is also very affordably priced-for Disney.

I have experienced amazing wait staff here as well. The year my mom and I went for her birthday, our waitress took awesome pictures of us and brought my mom a free birthday cupcake! The waiter my boyfriend and I had this year offered to take pictures of us too! Because I had dined at Sci-Fi Dine In Theater before, I received a card at my table from the staff welcoming me back and thanking me for time traveling!

The atmosphere here just can’t be beat. While the food may not be exciting, it is really good food. This is one of those underrated places in Disney World that really allows you to feel the Disney magic.

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