In short…2 hours and about $100 (for 3) well spent! Having visited Walt Disney World many times, we have the luxury of bypassing some of the attractions without feeling slighted in exchange for some of the other many unique experiences that Disney theme parks have to offer. In this case, the Family Magic Tour offered at the Magic Kingdom. We chose this particular tour over the others, because we were traveling with our 10 year old daughter. This tour, unlike most others, does not require participants to be age 16 and older. In fact, I would say it’s ideal for ages 12 and under. Teens, in general, may find it a little childish. There was one older boy with our group (about 14) who attended with his younger siblings and parents. He seemed to have a good enough time, but I doubt he would have chosen to do this had it not been for the younger ones in his family.

We, as adults, enjoyed it because it was a family experience and we had fun getting down and dirty on a treasure hunt throughout the Magic Kingdom in search of clues to find Mickey and his friend’s personal “stuff” stolen by the Pirates! Our 10 year old thought it was cool and laughed along WITH us as we galloped through Frontierland on imaginary horses. At 13 or older, she may have laughed AT us.

It’s not our intention to spoil this tour with too many details as we do recommend you do it and experience it for yourselves. What follows are basics of our experience and our overall thoughts.

All tours booked at the Magic Kingdom meet at the Chamber of Commerce. This is the building on the left side of Town Square as you walk under the train trestle. You’ll see the sign pictured above. Check in at the desk in there and retrieve your name tag. You are offered a FREE bottle of Dasani water as part of the tour. As our guide Taylor suggested, “you don’t get many FREE things at Disney, I would take it.” So, we did.


Our group was a total of 23, we huddled outside and were told the back story of our treasure hunt adventure and introduced ourselves to the group. We got our first clue and we were off. Each clue lead us to another clue for a total of 10 throughout all the lands in the Magic Kingdom. You will be walking for about 2 hours, so wear appropriate shoes. The time goes fast and your interest stays peaked.

Along the way, we were treated to the front of the line on an attraction (in search of a clue of course), met a rare character, took a 15 minute bathroom break, played follow the leader and ended with an amazing finale! Taylor, our tour guide, was wonderful with the children. He kept them on task, focused and made certain all the kids participated, had fun and always addressing them by name. There was a particularly shy child in our group and he took extra care to keep her involved. He didn’t leave the adults out either!

It’s helpful, but not necessary, to have a working knowledge of the more popular Disney films, (most kids and adults visiting Disney do) as the clues involve different Disney characters and searching for something that is important to them. Remember, we were looking for stolen “stuff”. We strongly suggest bringing your cameras and autograph books.

Other than the 15 minute bathroom break, there is no time to shop during this tour without possibly losing the group. The bathroom break was near a concession stand however, so you could get a quick snack if needed.

We took this tour on the morning of our departure day and it was a wonderful way to end our visit to Walt Disney World. Many thanks to Taylor for being such a fun and knowledgable tour guide!


Please feel free to post a comment about this article, your personal experiences with this tour or your suggestions on our Facebook post containing the link to this page. If you would like to know specifics of our tour such as what attraction we visited or which characters we met, email us here. Have a magical day!