I’m sure you’ve spotted the hashtag #disneylife on social media. This doesn’t simply refer to visiting Disney theme parks often, but rather incorporating the magic of Disney into your every day. Be it through pens, coffee mugs, dishes, artwork, decor, clothing or furnishings (or in my case, all of the above) it’s a way of keeping that magic with you all year long. Anyone who’s ever shopped for anything labeled “Disney”, knows this way of life ain’t cheap. But, let me share with you some ways I have saved significantly.

If you follow along in the Get Down to Disness: Disney Advice, Tips & Information Community Facebook group, you probably already know I have a new baby niece, Lucy. The moment I heard my sister was expecting a girl, two things happened: we discussed at what age would be her first Disney trip and I immediately scoured the internet for Disney baby gifts! As I mentioned, I live a Disney life and am always on the hunt for affordable ways to keep me in the lifestyle which I have become accustomed to, so I knew exactly where to look first. I’ll share that in a minute.

Let’s face it, infant and toddler items are cute anyway, but when you add in the Disney factor, well…they go off the cuteness charts! Unfortunately they also typically come with a healthy price tag. As I was shopping for little Lucy in October during my recent visit to Walt Disney World, I found so many things I wanted to bring back for her and put away for Christmas. The problem is, products purchased on property are just so expensive! I had an armful of items I was ready to lay out some serious cash for when I had an epiphany (which may have just been my husband whispering in my ear). Why buy these things here, when I know I can find them for a much more reasonable price elsewhere? Maybe not the EXACT item, but pretty darn close and equally adorable, at half the cost. It was a no-brainer and I put most of the items back. Most. 😉

Of course the Disney Store has some great sales now and then, but they aren’t the only game in town to buy licensed Disney apparel, accessories and products. Major retailers sell wonderful Disney items for the home, older kids, teens and adults, at a fraction of the cost you would spend on property. I just posted a few finds in the group a few days ago and do so often. You can’t beat the savings and when there is a way to save money, you take it! We all know a Disney vacation isn’t simply a room to stay in, theme park tickets and food. There are must-haves that can bite a decent chunk out of your budget. If you can pre-purchase character apparel, dress up items or any other essentials you might deem a “MUST” at a savings, do it.

Most notably in my case, Toys R Us has a HUGE selection of infant and toddler items ideal for vacation wardrobes, baby showers, Christmas or birthday gifts or just because…after all, dressing up and spoiling babies is fun! What’s better than a baby girl in a Minnie Mouse bathing suit, wrapped up in a Minnie Mouse puppet towel? I can’t think of a single thing!

Shopping these retailers for official licensed Disney clothes, accessories and products is a money saving way to outfit your family for an upcoming Disney trip, for gift giving during the holidays, decorating your home or simply indulging in a “feed the obsession” retail session. PLUS, on top of the suggested retail prices being lower than you can find at the theme parks, you can often find sales, coupons and use retailer reward programs to save even more and in many cases shipping is FREE!

Another thing to consider is pre-purchasing some fun Disney items to give to the kids as souvenirs while on vacation at Disney World. The littler ones won’t know the difference between what was purchased there and what wasn’t, but your wallet surely will. ºoº