Anyone that knows me knows that I am fanatical when it comes to all things Disney. Whether it be the movies, the soundtracks, the characters, the clothes and especially the parks I am ALL IN. I have loved traveling to Walt Disney World since I was a little girl and the love affair only grew once we had our two daughters and I can experience it through their eyes now. Planning our annual trips has been so much fun for me, we love counting down, we love planning our dining at the 180 mark, love the thrill of trying to get all of our FastPasses and that rush that comes from a job well done when everyone is having a seamless and easy vacation experience. As I’m not quiet about my Disney obsessiveness, I’ve helped many friends (and family) also plan their trips to Disney and the inevitable question always came, “Why aren’t you a Disney travel agent?”

Hmmm…why DON’T I do this for a living? As a 40-something stay at home Mom who left her job in Advertising nearly 10 years ago I guess reason number one was self doubt. Do I REALLY want to take on another responsibility? I love my life of volunteering at my girls’ school, running a small on-line craft store and even have an incredibly flexible part time job that I love; do I really want more?! Can I handle more? Do I have time for more? Would anyone even hire someone so far removed from the traditional work force? The answer to all of these I learned is YES!

When I discovered the Get Down to Disness Agent Prep Program I was in the throes of “what ifs” and the “should I” questions. Although I had booked dozens of trips for US and had helped friends, I really didn’t know ALL that went in to booking for strangers and that was daunting to me. I also knew that I didn’t want to get involved in something that would end up being a full time job or require a huge monetary investment from me. After learning what a single college credit is going to cost me (x2 kids) and knowing what I know now about the program, I 100% would have paid more. I loved that this course not only would give me tools to become a great agent, but it also answered all of those scary questions that you’d really not want to ask of a potential employer. It helped me work through the self doubt and figure out if this was something that would be right for me to pursue. And if I get talking about the incredible support group that Kat comes into live weekly for bonus training and that is filled with the most supportive friends, this post will never end.

The style and mechanics of this course are so user friendly and supportive. You really feel like you’re settling in with a good friend and just talking it all out. (Learning loads of info without feeling overwhelmed!) There are gorgeous handouts that serve as excellent learning tools but also act as support for me now post-graduation while I am currently booking clients of my own. (Gifts that keep on giving!)

One of my favorite parts of the course are the “truth bombs.” Truth bombs are hearty little nuggets of absolute truths and solid advice. Things that I wish came with every job before you signed on. (Maybe even came with the whole parenthood thing. But I digress…) Truth bombs are those things that EVERYONE needs to know and understand but not nearly enough people share with colleagues, friends, and especially perspective employees trying a whole new career path. You know what I mean, those things that you scream in your head,”WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME THIS!” This course is incredibly grounded in truth, and best of all personal experiences that encompass successes and setbacks. It is a real and candid look at the Disney travel industry.

Kat is a born instructor, she is a nurturer, passionate about Disney and overly generous with her time, knowledge and talents. All of these attributes come through in these Agent Prep lessons making them easy to follow, understand and if this travel agency life is for you, these lessons will ignite the enthusiasm and drive within you. The investment spent taking this course continues to be paying itself off as I find myself feeling more prepared, more confident and better equipped in building my own travel client base. I’m now a travel agent planning Disney vacations! I understand, (thanks to Kat) that success will not happen overnight (#truthbomb), my expectations are managed and my skill set is continuing to grow long after that final exam was completed. Best decision I could have made for myself.

If you want to learn more, visit the program website or join the public POP UP Facebook group.