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I am a self professed “Disney Nerd” originally from Maryland now residing in Wake Forest, NC with my husband and two daughters. My love of Disney began in elementary school with a massive crush on Prince Phillip after seeing “Sleeping Beauty” for the first time. I traveled to WDW as a young child in the 70s but hadn’t returned until 2000 with my then college sweetheart. (Now husband, lucky dog) The love affair with the parks ignited with that trip and hasn’t slowed. We’ve taken our daughters annually as soon as they were out of diapers, and fill the time that we aren’t at the parks with helping friends book their trips, listening to Disney music and incessantly quoting Disney movie lines to each other.

Fridays in Fantasyland: Wild for Wilderness Lodge

If I were at the Walt Disney World Resort today, I would be staying at the Wilderness Lodge for the first time EVER. The weather has taken a turn for the chilly, days are getting shorter (seriously, dark at dinner, C'MON!) and summer is becoming more and more of a distant memory. In these dire, [...]

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Fridays in Fantasyland: Four Parks One Day

If I were at the Walt Disney World Resort today, I would be gearing up to conquer all four, all in one day. Yep, you read that right,all four parks in one day. You know sometimes you wake up and before your feet even hit the ground you're calculating just how many hours stand [...]

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Rainy Days and Disney Never Get Me Down

It's your highly anticipated Walt Disney World Resorts vacation, you've planned, you've saved, you've stared up at the ceiling going over packing lists and alas, it's finally here! And now, now it's raining. Sigh. Now what!? Often times our Disness motto is, "Strap on your poncho and get after it!" Florida's rain showers are a [...]

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Fridays in Fantasyland: Gaston’s Tavern

If I were at the Walt Disney World Resort today, Gaston's Tavern is where I would be! I'm sitting here at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee that ordinary weekday life has forced me to reheat six times and then ultimately just drink cold. I'm reluctantly chewing on my breakfast banana because I'm [...]

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Eating Gluten-Free and Living Fancy Free in Walt Disney World

A question that surfaces quite a bit in our Get Down to Disness Facebook Group is whether or not Walt Disney World is an allergy free environment for your family's vacation. The answer to this a resounding YES! Absolutely! Disney's superior level of customer really presents itself in the stories that we hear of guests [...]

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Feeling Fancy at 1900 Park Fare

One of my favorites things to discuss is what to eat at Walt Disney World Resorts. Dining in and around "the happiest place on earth" is MY happy place. There are so many incredible options out there, and although we do try to mix things up a bit with each trip we also have some [...]

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Reverse Disney Souvenir Shopping Syndrome

If you're reading this, chances are you are a sucker for Disney merchandise in life, and then once you hit the Walt Disney World resorts you become an absolute kid in a candy store. EVERYTHING becomes a must-have Disney souvenir and is immensely cuter within the Disney World bubble. Add that daunting realization that you're [...]

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Top 10 Attractions to Cool You Down at Walt Disney World

It is possible to keep COOL at Walt Disney World in the Summer months! It's pretty much a given that about 10 months out of the year when you visit Walt Disney World Resort it's going to be hot. Granted, there are varying degrees of heat and humid. They can range from just the "applying [...]

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Top 10 Treats to Cool Down with at Disney World

Our Top 10 Ways to Cool Down at Walt Disney World with a Treat! If you're wondering, "Will it be hot when I visit Walt Disney World Resorts?" the answer about 10 months out of the year is a definitive YES. Florida is a special kind of hot (and humid) thanks to it's relation to [...]

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No Such Thing as a Silly Disney Question

There are no silly Disney questions! Walt Disney World Resort travelers really are a unique group of Disney enthusiasts who love to share information, trip pictures, travel advice and learn from one another. I can't think of a single other vacation destination that has quite the legion of fans as Walt Disney World. In our [...]

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