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Kat is the owner/creator/operator and Chief Disnesswoman at Get Down to Disness, a seasoned Disney traveler and lover of all things Disney. Her best family memories surround magical vacations at the WDW resort and it his her mission to provide the same to her clients.

Doing Disney with Teens: 10 Not Lame Suggestions

What's a teen to Disney? Traveling to the Walt Disney World Resort with a teenager may seem like a blast-if you don't have one-or at least don't have a typical one. Truth be told, most young adults appear to have stolen the sweet, Disney-loving, character-chasing, Small World-riding love bugs you used to call your [...]

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Float Your Boat Disney Style

Of the many ways to get around the Walt Disney World Resort, the complimentary boat transportation offered, is by and large the most relaxing (not to mention romantic)…with some pretty fantastic views too! Be it by Ferry Boat, Friendship Boat, Motor Launch, Water Taxi or Motor Cruiser, getting from point A to point B within [...]

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Adventures by Disney

Take Disney's hallmark quality and legendary customer service on your next voyage! Are you like me and wish that everywhere you went, you received the world class experience you get at the Walt Disney World Resort? Nobody else can ever seem to live up to it. Well, Disney is always listening to their guests and answered our wish [...]

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On-Line Walt Disney World Resort Check-In

Checking in to your Walt Disney World Resort hotel from home...say what? There are so many great things about vacationing at Walt Disney World Resorts. There’s the close proximity to the parks, the amazing selection of restaurants, and the expansive themed pools but I think what really sets them apart is the customer service. The [...]

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Fireworks AND Dessert?

Yes, fireworks and dessert, a match made in Walt Disney World Heaven! When you’re looking for a special, memorable way to end another great night of the Walt Disney World Resort vacation you spent so long planning, why not think outside of the Mickey Head Ice Cream a bit and mull over the idea of [...]

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Rainy Day…Yay or Nay?

It’s Florida, it rains, we all know that when we are booking our Walt Disney World resort vacations-at least you do now. However, when you’re about to fly out and you do one last check of the Orlando weather it still hurts a little when you see those rain cloud icons show up nearly every [...]

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Why Hollywood Studios is Still Amazing!

Okay, so there are lots of things in motion over at Hollywood Studios. There are new lands being constructed, there are old favorites being taken away and it’s true that it’s a little harder to move around there than it was a year ago before construction began. However, do not let that keep you from [...]

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Staying All Day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

“Animal Kingdom-More than a half day park” Animal Kingdom, for us, for many years was a half day park. Granted it was a “half day” park that we may visit more than once over the course of a vacation, but still, it never seemed to warrant an entire day worth of planning. With some further [...]

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Row, Row, Row Your Disney Boat

The theme parks are amazing and probably the biggest part of what keeps us coming back for more to the Walt Disney World Resort, however, sometimes you may be looking for a slightly different experience to enhance your family’s vacation time. There are some really unique ways you can take to the water and beat [...]

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Fun & Cheap Disney World Tours

What’s a fun Walt Disney World tour option that won’t break the bank or eat up an entire day? There are some really great tour options that don’t receive a lot of fanfare in Disney circles. Although there are some really amazing, high dollar tours that may tempt the pocketbook there are also more budget friendly options [...]

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