A Saving Secret to Affording the #disneylife

I'm sure you've spotted the hashtag #disneylife on social media. This doesn't simply refer to visiting Disney theme parks often, but rather incorporating the magic of Disney into your every day. Be it through pens, coffee mugs, dishes, artwork, decor, clothing or furnishings (or in my case, all of the above) it's a way of keeping [...]

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“Must-Take” Photo Ideas for your Disney Vacation

Just recently, I sat down and had a chat with my good friend Herb Leibacher, the founder, author, webmaster, chief executive, and chief bottle washer for World Of Walt. We were discussing different types of photo opportunities available at the Walt Disney World Resort. Of course there are the iconic photo ops: in front of Cinderella [...]

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“Plussing” Your Arrival

An in-room celebration or special gift basket purchased through Disney Floral can be very costly. To create the same magic, on a budget, try this! Create your own gift baskets and have them sent to your resort hotel ahead of your arrival. Upon check-in let the Cast Member know you have a package [...]

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Catching the Gems Ariel Throws into the Audience During Mickey’s Philharmagic Show

This page has just been sitting here waiting for us to finally begin writing down all of our “Bright iDears”. Well, today is the day and we are debuting with one of our greatest, brightest iDears ever. Enjoy and be sure to let us know if you end up trying this one!Catching the Gems Ariel Throws into the Audience During Mickey’s Philharmagic ShowMickey’s PhilharMagic, located in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom, is a MUST DO for families with young children. This 3D theater experience is a fantastic and often mesmerizing show for children and adults! There is a scene during the Little Mermaid portion of the show, where Ariel throws some gems she’s found into the audience. Here is the best photo I could find of it. You cannot see the gems in this photo, but trust me, there are a bunch floating right in front of you.

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