Fun and FREE Tour at Walt Disney World

Have you ever considered taking a tour at the Walt Disney World Resort? I know, I know, it's more money and it takes time away from the theme park fun. But what if I told you of a wonderful tour that was only 45 minutes long, early in the morning and takes place just [...]

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The MNSSHP Costume Conundrum: Should You Dress Up?

Let me set the stage...You've booked the trip, bought your party tickets and are so excited you can hardly sleep thinking about the Headless Horseman riding down Main Street, USA and all the trick-or-treating you'll be doing. Then, it hits you...of course the kids will wear costumes, but should the adults dress up too? What should [...]

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As of June 30th, Check Your Selfie Sticks at the Door

Beginning June 30th, NO MORE SELFIE STICKS at Walt Disney World!  WDW Magic reports: Selfie Sticks will be a thing of the past at Walt Disney World from June 30 2015. Disney is adding the selfie stick to the list of items that are not permitted into the parks. The ban extends the existing policy [...]

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Goodbye Extra Magic Hours? Goodbye Staying on Property!

There is new rumor going around that Disney is eliminating Extra Magic Hours. This, simply because none are listed on the January 2016 park hours calendar just released. You can see the calendar here. I contend there is no merit to this rumor. If they were truly going to eliminate Extra Magic Hours, why would there still [...]

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Disney Dining Plan Gets a Make-Over

I have long been a fan of the Disney Dining Plan. Not only for it's convenience and savings, but I've often received it FREE, which works to my family's advantage greatly. The Disney Dining Plan has gone through many changes over the years...oh how I miss the days of "gratuity included"...and here we are reporting [...]

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