Never Grow Up! by Casey Bolt, Destinations to Travel

I was three years old when my parents took me to Walt Disney World for the first time. We were a family of vacations instead of big gifts. We liked to use trips to make memories and have new experiences together. As I got older, we visited Europe, California, and Canada, but we always managed [...]

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The Epcot DestiNations Discovered Tour Review: Part 1

Hi, my name is Kat and I'm a Walt Disney World Resort tour addict! I simply cannot get enough of the inside information and history surrounding my most favorite place on earth. Epcot's DestiNations Discovered Tour, which explores all of the countries featured in the incredible World Showcase, was the latest to scratch my tour [...]

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What You Miss When You Bypass Resort Check-In

As a frequent traveler to the Walt Disney World Resort, I have a substantial working knowledge of how the Resort Check-In process goes. Even if I've never stayed at a property, I research enough beforehand to know my way around and the process is similar no matter where you stay. I don't NEED to visit [...]

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Float Your Boat Disney Style

Of the many ways to get around the Walt Disney World Resort, the complimentary boat transportation offered, is by and large the most relaxing (not to mention romantic)…with some pretty fantastic views too! Be it by Ferry Boat, Friendship Boat, Motor Launch, Water Taxi or Motor Cruiser, getting from point A to point B within [...]

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Fun & Cheap Disney World Tours

What’s a fun Walt Disney World tour option that won’t break the bank or eat up an entire day? There are some really great tour options that don’t receive a lot of fanfare in Disney circles. Although there are some really amazing, high dollar tours that may tempt the pocketbook there are also more budget friendly options [...]

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Review: Minnie’s Beach Bash Breakfast at Cape May Cafe

Minnie Mouse in beach clothes?  I had the same reaction.  While searching through our list of "musts" for our trip this year, a few old ones made the list, along with some new.  I could have done all the same character meals as we have in the past, but what fun would that be?  Trying new [...]

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Disney Shaming: It’s a (shame it’s a) Thing

If you have visited the Walt Disney World Resort more than once in your adult life, inevitably someone has questioned your choice of vacation destination with a condescending, insulting and/or borderline degrading tone to their voice. “You’re going there AGAIN?” (Hopefully the bolding, italicizing and underlining helped procure the dramatic delivery and emphasis folks put [...]

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Getting Lovey Dovey at Disney

I've heard it said, by quite a few actually, that Disney is "just for kids". Well, to those who subscribe to this're doing it wrong. I wouldn't say Disney World is the most romantic place to vacation, but when you share your life with someone who loves more than just a beach and a bar, Disney fits [...]

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WDW Magazine Print Pack

The 4th Day of Disness is sponsored by our good friends and partners at WDW Magazine. Here's what one lucky winner will get! The Best of WDW – Volume 1 is full of stunning photography from Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. It will make you feel like you’re in the middle [...]

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12 Days of Disness Holiday Giveaway!

If you follow along in the Get Down to Disness: Disney Advice, Tips & Information Community Facebook group, you probably already know beginning on December 1st and lasting through December 12th, we'll be giving away fun Disney themed gifts each day! Us, along with our friends and partners at Destinations to Travel, WDW Magazine and The Official [...]

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