Meet the Citizens of Main Street USA

It’s so easy to get lost under the spell of Main Street USA. I know that I do, once we cross under the train station I get teary eyed as soon as the castle comes into full view. The castle’s beauty has some sort of crazy tractor beam effect that once it’s in sight, it just draws you closer and closer. HOWEVER, there is charm right there on Main Street USA that absolutely should not be missed! Linger for awhile before you make an immediate mad dash for the Mine Train, and here’s 5 reasons why it’s worth your time to meet the Citizens.

Reason #1: The Trolley Show dancers!

Sing it with me…”I’m walking right down the middle of Main Street USAAAAAAAA”. Nothing and nobody can turn that frown upside down quicker than catching one of these performances!

Reason #2: The Dapper Dans!

They are SO good that they are a staple in EVERY Disney park. This collection of crooners has been a part of Main Street since opening day and can be spotted seven days a week. In fact, in those early days, the Dapper Dans were the only park employees allowed to wear mustaches. (Today, along with everyone else, they are clean shaven.) Although they can be seen all along Main Street, their real home is the “Harmony Barbershop” named after the trademark harmonies found in all of the Dans’ songs.

Reason #3: Casey’s Corner Pianists

Talk about job security, the resident pianist at Casey’s Corner, Jim Omohundro has been tickling those ivories for over 30 years! Decked out in his famous red and white striped jacket Jim loves to entertain with his renditions of jazz and ragtime hits. He never misses a chance to get to know guests and loves chatting with the youngest of guests indulging in one of Casey’s famous hot dogs while grooving to some of his tunes.

Reason #4: Fire Chief, Smokey Miller

Autograph hounds rejoice, the coolest autograph to be had on main Street isn’t from Pluto or Marie, but from Main Street USA’s  own Volunteer Fire Chief, Smokey Miller. Chief Miller has one of the most unique signatures in all of Walt Disney World and loves signing autographs for any guest lucky enough to spot him hanging out on Main Street.

Reason #5: The Women Suffragists

My personal favorite are the lovely (and hilarious) Women Suffragists; Hildegard Olivia Harding and Beatrice Starr. These two budding politicians are all about swaying the good folks of Main Street to get out there and vote. Their bigger platform is a passionate push for equality and making sure their Main Street “sisters” are taking to the polls for womens’ rights! They are outspoken, witty, dressed to the nines and on a mission. I. Adore. Them.

Grab yourself a cup of coffee, a delicious Main Street Bakery pastry, breathe in the sights and sounds of Main Street, USA, and get to know some of these amazing characters dying to welcome you to your new “hometown”. You’ll be humming the tunes and giggling to yourself all the way to Space Mountain.

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