It’s the stuff dreams are made of, a golden ticket of sorts. A magical discount code sent just to you, from Disney, with an unbelievable money saving deal on YOUR family vacation! Sounds too good to be true, right? It is and it isn’t.

For those who don’t know, a Disney “Pin” code is a promotional offer unique to YOU that is different from the public promotions that Disney releases. Only YOU can benefit from this special offer that gets sent via postal mail (a cute postcard as the one pictured above) or email (typically from: Disney Destinations). Discounts can range from room only discounts (15%-35% off-depending on the resort you select), Free Dining and/or ticket upgrades. When I say unique to you, I mean it. They will ask for your name, zip code and pin code. Everything must be a match or it’s a no go. You can enter this code in online or provide your Authorized Disney Vacation Planner with the code and let them handle the rest.

While Disney does dole out these dreamy “pin” codes, they aren’t plentiful and there seems to be no rhyme nor reason to their disbursement. Sure we all have our theories, but whatever algorithm is used to decide who gets a pin code, it is still a great mystery and closely guarded secret. I can tell you that before I became a Disney planning professional and began visiting Walt Disney World multiple times per year, I used to get codes regularly. Now, not a single one in about 4 years. It could also be because I moved to a different state, perhaps they aren’t targeting my geographical location right now. Who knows…but these pin codes still exist! I know they do because I’ve used them to apply to my guests’ reservations and saved them quite a bit.

To better your chances of receiving a pin code from Disney you need to be on their radar. Here are few things I recommend (and have done way back when) in order to increase your chances of being one of the lucky ones!

1. First and foremost, click the link below and order a FREE Disney Planning Video to watch online. This shows Disney that you have an interest in visiting the Walt Disney World Resort and they may want to seal the deal by sending you an attractive offer. Plus it’s really fun to watch. Do this now, it only takes a moment or two. ºoº

2. Create a account if you don’t already have one. You’ll need one anyway when you decide to take your Disney vacation.

3. After you create your account (or if you already have one) create a Disney vacation and place it in your shopping cart-BUT DON’T BOOK IT. This is called “an abandoned cart”. Almost all major companies receive analytics on items placed and left in shopping carts. It tells them that customer REALLY wants to buy, but something is holding them back. A great time for Disney to swoop in with a money saving offer to encourage the booking.

After you’ve taken these few steps, all you can do is patiently wait and hope…and check your junk or SPAM folder! Remember, like all the public promotions, Disney uses these pin codes as a means of filling up their resort hotel rooms. With that in mind, pin codes are likely to be valid during a time of lesser attendance. With reports of lower crowds this Summer, we may see more promotions being released to the public and more personal pin codes going out. I hope you get one, be sure to let us know if you do! Join our Facebook Group for daily chat, fun, tips and advice.