by Felicia Tiberi (Adulting DisFe)

If you’re anything like me, there is so much at the Walt Disney World Resort that you love and want to do but there is no way you can possibly have enough time to do it all. You end up having to pick and choose your priorities. It becomes a real Disney Dilemma. Again, if you’re anything like me, you just go back to Walt Disney World again and do the things you didn’t have time for last visit! However, that doesn’t make the picking and choosing any easier.

When I first brought my boyfriend to Walt Disney World in May 2017, I found many instances of this sort. He had never been, so picking and choosing priorities was involved with every decision we made. My boyfriend and I are big Star Wars fans and when we were at Hollywood Studios, we both really wanted to see the nighttime projection show, “Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular”. This was something that I hadn’t even seen yet! That being said, I LOVE Fantasmic!. I have seen it every time I’ve been in Disney World and it is one of my absolute favorite shows. This made it a huge priority for my boyfriend to see it as well. We decided we would go to both Hollywood Studios nighttime shows (note: Fantasmic! starts at 9pm and A Galactic Spectacular starts at 9:30pm). I naively believed we could successfully do this and simply miss the beginning of the Star Wars show.

If you have ever been to Fantasmic! and left the amphitheater post-show, you know that it is a slow and painstaking process. That place is huge and the masses of people they can fit into it is incredible. My boyfriend and I had seats deep inside the theater, which made a fast exit even more of a challenge. Fantasmic! ended and we slowly attempted making our way up and out. We could see the fireworks and lights from the Star Wars show over the tops of the theater we were inevitably stuck in. We then made the mistake to abandon our current strategy and turn around to go down and back up the theater in another area. This, of course, made no difference. When we finally had exited the theater and made our way to the center of the park where the Star Wars show takes place, it was still going on! We then ran around all sorts of people in all sorts of spots to find a location to watch the show. We finally found an area that had some kind of view and watched the remaining two minutes of the show. A huge bummer for our Star Wars hunger.

In retrospect, we could have opted to take a seat close to the exit of the Fantasmic! theater and maybe left a few minutes early for a better chance at viewing most of both shows. But when the timing is that close, picking one will cause the least stress.

The following year, this past May, we made the decision of forgoing Fantasmic! in order to fully view Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular. While it made me very sad not to see it because I always see it, the Star Wars show is 100% worth watching if you are a Star Wars fan. The lights and the lasers really make the show a lot of fun.

Having seen both now, I don’t really know that I can decide which to see! Star Wars is super fun but Fantasmic! has a special place in my heart. I think from here on out, I might let the decision be up to whoever I am traveling with!

How about you? What’s your Disney dilemma and how do you handle it?

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