I have long been a fan of the Disney Dining Plan. Not only for it’s convenience and savings, but I’ve often received it FREE, which works to my family’s advantage greatly. The Disney Dining Plan has gone through many changes over the years…oh how I miss the days of “gratuity included”…and here we are reporting yet another revision about to take hold. So far, I think all the changes are for the good, though, they haven’t yet mentioned what the price increase will be for 2016. I’m a bit nervous for that…

Table Service Plan Changes:

  • Guests that don’t want a dessert can substitute dessert  for either a side salad, a cup of soup, or a fruit plate if requested. You cannot substitute an appetizer for a dessert. (bummer)
  • Guests will not be restricted on the number of meal entitlements that may be used in one dining experience. You can purchase meals for friends and family that are NOT on the Dining Plan, with your credits.
  • Guests on the Deluxe, Premium and Platinum Dining Plan packages, will now be able to mix their adult and child credits. In a nutshell, this means if your child doesn’t like what’s on the children’s menu, they can order off the adult menu.

Quick Service Plan Changes:

  • Guests may substitute a dessert or non-alcoholic beverage choice with any eligible snack, provided it’s within the same transaction. So if you don’t want a drink or a cookie, opt for a side of fries or side salad. 
  • Quick service locations will also not enforce the mixture of adult and child entitlements. Guests with two adults and two children on the Quick Service Dining Plan can choose four adult meals, if they prefer.
  • Guests may substitute one Quick Service meal for up to three snack options within the same transaction.

Snack Credit Changes:

Under the revised plan, a snack is now considered to be anything that is a single serving size.  Look for the DDP logo on the menu, but here is a basic list of what would be available to guests as a Snack Credit:

  • All single-serve non-alcoholic beverages, not in a souvenir container
  • All soups served in Quick Service locations
  • All items that were considered snacks, but had an additional option at a separate price, such as toppings, sauces, etc. For example, funnel cake with ice cream or a pretzel with cheese sauce.
  • All ice cream novelties
  • All hand-scooped ice cream, including sundaes. (Cannot exceed two scoops, nor can it be served in a souvenir container.)
  • All items on Quick Service menus listed under the Sides option.
  • Quick Service Restaurant breakfast items that can be considered part of an entree and also offered as a side. (For example, if a guest wants orange juice, a side of bacon, and a side of eggs, they can choose to use 1 Quick Service meal entitlement or 3 Snack entitlements. The following items may now be included as a snack:
    • Cereal with milk
    • French toast sticks
    • Oatmeal or quinoa
    • Grits
    • Side of bacon
    • Side of sausage
    • Side of eggs
    • Side of potatoes
    • Biscuits and gravy
    • Hard-boiled eggs

Let us know what you think of the new Dining Plan! Is it improved or not so much?