Paying for your Disney vacation using Disney gift cards is great for so many reasons. Not only to do you save yourself from credit card interest rates (if not paying the balance in full), you also remove a layer of possibility of identity theft on your credit or debit cards. It’s kinda fun too, to watch your savings build with each card you buy! But perhaps the best reason is the money saving aspect…savvy savers know you can purchase Disney gift cards at a reduced cost at discount clubs like Costco, at Target using their Red debit card and some grocery stores to name a few. With an average savings of 5% and considering the average cost of a Disney vacation, that’s significant! But since most of us need to purchase these gift cards gradually as we scrimp and save for our trips, we can end up with a pile of cards. Entering in all of these numbers can be a daunting task for us on our balance due date or for our poor travel agent. But what if there was a magical way to combine all the cards into one? You’re in luck, there is! allows you to “Manage Your Cards” inside a digital wallet on their website. As you purchase Disney gift cards (from anywhere, not just on their website) or better yet, receive them as gifts, you can enter them into your digital wallet and start transferring each balance to a Primary Card-one card you will dedicate as the big balance holder. The site will allow you to enter up to 5 cards at a time, but no matter, once you’ve transferred a smaller balance to the primary card, you can delete the secondary cards. Each card can hold a total balance of up to $1,000.00. So if you are paying for your entire vacation, gradually combining a large amount to just a few cards vs. 20 or 30 is a big time saver! When the time comes, or even to make payments along the way, you can call, go online or provide the card information to your travel agent to make payments toward your vacation.

Be advised though, don’t throw out ANY of the cards and keep your purchase receipts for them. Keep them until your vacation is over and paid for-just in case. Also, if you are using a Disney gift card for purchases while on your Disney vacation, take a photo of the back or write down the card number and security codes in a safe place in case the card gets lost. Should your cards(s) get lost or stolen, you can call 1-877-650-4327 to have the funds frozen and transferred to a new card. You will need your purchase receipt for the gift card and the card number that was stolen in order to transfer your remaining balance to a new card.

In addition to using Disney gift cards to pay for your resort reservation, souvenirs and dining, you can also use it to pay any incidental charges on your resort bill at check out. They also serve as a great way to provide kids with a budgeted amount of spending money.

I’m curious…do you use Disney gift cards to pay for your Disney vacation?