What do Disney lovers do in their spare time? Start planning a visit of course! Did you know Disney will send you a complimentary fun-filled planning DVD that highlights all that the parks and resorts have to offer? It’s about an hour or so of video clips from the most magical place on earth!

I’ve been ordering these videos for my family since they began putting them out, so I have quite the collection. The Disney Parks Planning Video is ideal for:

  • Building up the excitement before your trip
  • Brushing up on what’s new in and around the parks
  • Getting some valuable intel on potential resorts you may want to stay at or visit
  • A quick, free and easy Disney “fix”, especially for young kiddos

First and foremost, click the link below and either order a FREE Disney Planning Video to watch online. Not only will this get you video access, but doing this also shows Disney that you have an interest in visiting the Walt Disney World Resort and they may want to seal the deal by sending you an attractive offer unique to you. Who knows? Can’t hurt and it doesn’t cost a thing! Do this now, it only takes a moment or two. ºoº


Enjoy and share this link with all of your Disney loving friends. There is no purchase required for the FREE offer!

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