Busted! These 5 Magic Kingdom myths are history!

by Suzanne Burmeister

If you’re getting ready for a Disney World trip of a lifetime, then you may find yourself hearing conflicting reports about what Magic Kingdom has to offer. Here are 5 myths—and 5 realities—that can make all the difference in your next trip!

Myth 1: You Need a FastPass for ‘It’s a Small World.’

Reality: You most likely don’t need to use a FastPass to board the Small World boats. The reason is that this a fast-moving ride and not usually as crowded as others. (As in, check out the ride across the street: Peter Pan’s Flight, which always boasts some of the longest ride waits of the entire park.) Some people really hate this repetitive sing-song ride—especially those with older, less sentimental kids—which may account for the lesser wait times. However, if this is one of your classic favorites, and you don’t want to linger in the line, go for it.

My FastPass recommendations are to go for the rides with the highest wait times: Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride, Peter Pan’s Flight, and so on. You can hopefully catch the other rides (like Pirates of the Caribbean or Haunted Mansion) early in the morning, near park closing, or during parades/fireworks.

Myth 2: Don’t Waste Your Time on The Carousel of Progress.

Reality: The Carousel of Progress has many great qualities going for it—not just the nostalgia of seeing an audio-animatronics show discussing the evolution of technology. They are the following:

  • Typically, you’ll have a short wait time.
  • You’ll get to enjoy some fabulous creature comforts, including air-conditioning and plush seats. After a long day of theme parking, you’ll find a welcome respite in this rotating theater. This is often my favorite spot for my kids’ nap or bottle-feeding time.
  • You’ll snicker at the wonderfully hilarious image of the “future,” which features an outdated video game among other things. I’ve heard rumors of it being updated for years, but as far as I know, this isn’t happening yet.

Myth 3: The Backstage Tour of Magic Kingdom is the Only Tour There.

Reality: Park Tours are wonderful and fascinating. If you’ve gone to Magic Kingdom as many times as I have, you may want something out of the ordinary. However, the Keys to the Kingdom is a 5-hour commitment and an additional $99 more than your park admission ticket. However, you have another option.

You can go on a much shorter tour called “Marceline to Magic Kingdom,” which clocks in at 3 hours and costs only $49. I highly recommend it. (Be forewarned: you have to show up to the park very early, but you’ll get a chance to take empty-of-people castle pics!) You’ll also get one-of-a-kind insight into Magic Kingdom’s history. My favorite part was seeing the backstage workings of Haunted Mansion’s famous ballroom scene!

Myth 4: You Can Only Get Counter Service Food at Magic Kingdom.

Reality: You can find a lot of sit down restaurants in Magic Kingdom. Check out Liberty Tavern, Tony’s Town Square Restaurant, Cinderella’s Royal Table, and so on. Most all of them require reservations, so you should definitely be aware of that critical 180-day reservation window.

My favorite would be going to Be Our Guest for lunch, which is a nice middle ground. Dining here for lunch still requires you to fill your own cup at the soda fountain and order your food at a kiosk rather than from a server. A server delivers your selections, however. Lunch here still requires reservations and books up early! The Croque Monsieur sandwich is my favorite!

Myth 5: Once You’re In Magic Kingdom, You Should Never Leave!

Reality: While you may never want to leave the happiest place on Earth, you need to be practical. Even if you have a 1 Park Per Day ticket, you can still leave the park and return later. This may be a good strategy on crowded days, because giving yourself and your family a little down time in the afternoon may make all the difference. You won’t be so worn out and will be eager to enjoy all the magic this incredible place has to the offer—without the stress!

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