You’re in Magic Kingdom and you’re STARVING, but you’re also not in the mood for traditional “theme park” food. After all, you’re in Walt Disney World for cryin’ out loud, you want to be immersed in theming! When your regular “run of the mill” burger won’t do, head to Pecos Bill’s Tall Tale Inn & Cafe for some Frontierland fun. It’s the best food in the wild, wild West and I’ll tell you why. 

Reason #1: Typically when I write these I like to ease into my most compelling reason, but not today. My number one reason is SO crucial it can’t be buried in text. Pecos Bill’s has the BIGGEST and BEST toppings bar in all of Walt Disney World. (Maybe even the WHOLE world, just saying.) Why is this so important you ask? Because this topping bar elevates EVERY meal to a whole new level. Picture your burger, your nachos, your tacos topped with (for free) red onions, banana peppers, cheese, sour cream, tomatoes, roasted corn, Chiptole Ranch dressing, limes, pico de gallo and…UNLIMITED GUACAMOLE! I’ll give you a minute to take that in folks, yes, unlimited guacamole. 

Reason #2: The food is unique, there’s loads of allergy friendly options, it’s incredibly Keto  friendly and even has a delicious plant based burger with vegan cheese and vegan avocado aioli. The absolute best, most mouth watering item on the menu is the Jerk Chicken Lettuce Wraps. It’s  perfectly spiced and the lettuce is such a great compliment-it’s cold, crisp and light. What a way to combat the Florida heat and not being a total belly buster of a lunch!

Reason #3: The kid’s menu isn’t dopey. My kid is a foodie. Please don’t come at her with an Uncrustable. Pecos Bill’s SEES her and although there are items for any average kid eaters there are also Chicken Rice Bowls, Pork Carnitas Rice bowls and nachos for my kid. (And her potential foodie friends out there!)

Reason #4: It’s a Quick Service restaurant (and yes, mobile ordering IS available) that has a story to tell! You’re not just popping in for food, there’s “history” to see. If you didn’t know, Pecos Bill is actually a pretty popular piece of Old West folklore. The namesake “tall tales” are abundant when it comes to ole’ Bill who was rumored to have lassoed two rattlesnakes, rode a tornado like a bucking bronco and shot all the stars out of the sky except in his beloved Texas. Take a walk around the restaurant and see items showcased from Pecos Bill and other Western legends like Paul Bunyan, Annie Oakley and Wild Bill Hickok.

Reason #5: It’s hot, your feet are aching and you need a break. Pecos Bill’s has more than ample space for your family and tired bodies to spread out and pig out on all that guacamole. Plenty of a/c, plenty of shade if you need to spread out into it’s sister restaurant Tortuga Tavern. It’s a great place to rest and get lost in the Western Inn feel, it truly will transport you to another time and place if you let it.

Be sure to have your tiny cowpokes, cowboys and cowgirls get their official Sheriff badges (stickers) and let them restore some order in the wild, wild West while you take it easy. (Have I mentioned the unlimited guacamole yet?)

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