It’s no secret that Disney Springs is the hub of all things delicious and is a shopper’s dreamland. With nearly 60 restaurants to choose from there’s no shortage of places to wet your whistle or fill your belly. Even with all of those options, Disney Springs is often only thought of as a “big meal” kind of place. The place you go to have a unique night out and dine somewhere away from the often craziness of the parks. However, Disney Springs is also an awesome place to use some of those handy snack credits. Snack credits come in all shapes and sizes and often times can work double duty as a fun and satisfying meal. (For just a fraction of the cost of a meal and if on the dining plan you can save those precious credits!) Here are my top 10 favorite snacks to be had at Disney Springs, after all, what’s a Disney World Resort Vacation without some delicious grub?!

1-Not every snack has to be one that satisfies your sweet tooth, although those are usually pretty irresistible. Wetzel’s Pretzels is a great place to satisfy your sweet AND salty cravings. A snack credit can get you any of their delicious pretzels like their baked cheese meltdown or pepperoni twist pretzels. I even love just a simple pretzel of theirs with a yummy hot dip, also just a snack credit, dig in. (Don’t count on me sharing either, hands off.)


Photo Courtesy of Walt Disney World

2-I’m a sucker for anything that’s gooey, maybe that’s why I love the Smores crepes at Aristocrepes. (And seriously, how cute is just the name of this yummy spot!?) Take toasted marshmallow cream, crushed graham crackers, chocolate sauce and roll it up in a delicious warm crepe and it’s snack perfection. If chocolate isn’t your thing (gasp) the strawberries and cream crepes are also pretty irresistible.

3-In the Florida heat sometimes there’s no better snack than just a cool, refreshing smoothie. Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea has some of the best in the business. The best part is that they count as snack credits! The Flamingo Frost Smoothie makes me feel like I’m on a tropical vacation right there in the middle of Disney Springs.

4-Marketplace Snacks is the best place to get the traditional snack fare that we all have on our Disney World vacation bucket lists, like the Mickey head ice creams and popcorn. (They also have their own variation of the Dole Whip float in case you miss your chance to grab one at the parks.)

5-The Market at Ale & Compass has a delicious Spinach and Feta pastry that can work as a savory, light lunch option. (Especially when combined with their delicious frozen blended coffee, you need that caffeine fix after all, right?)

6-I know it’s not for everyone, but bread pudding is one of my favorite desserts. Earl of Sandwich has an amazing bread pudding and it’s a snack credit! Everything is perfect about their version of this traditional dessert. (Their sandwiches are ENORMOUS, they make for a great shareable lunch which also is a great vacation money saver.)180s-2

7-Churros. I love Churros. If ever I decide to become a Disney movie star I may even change my name to Churro. The Italian Ice kiosk in the Marketplace has Dulche de leche drizzled churros that are just perfection. It takes this fun, soft but somehow crunchy treat to a whole new level.

8-I am all for using snack credits as a meal. The baked Cuban empanadas at Bongos Express are a great way to have a lighter lunch while just using a snack credit. They are flavorful, flaky and delicious. You can round out your meal with one of their hand breaded stuffed potatoes or my favorite, their traditional flan. It actually feels like you’re getting away with something illegal to get such fun, authentic Cuban food for just a couple snack credits!


Photo credit: Pinterest

9-What’s better than a fun AND interactive snack? The “Create Your Own Treat” at Goofy’s Candy Company is interactive and yummy. Guests can choose their base (between rice krispie treat, apples pretzel rods, marshmallows and cookies; apples and pretzels, NOT a snack credit) and then choose from a variety of dips and toppings. (Your snack credit will get you one dip and one topping.) This is definitely a treat that can be shared, and is fun to do with kids of all ages. (Especially this 42 year old kid!) This is also a perfect gift to take back to your Disney loving friends at home!

10-I can’t talk about Disney Springs and not mention my favorite snack of all time. Granted, (head hung in shame) this is not something you can use a snack credit for, but holy cow, it’s worth the “cheddar.”(Hee hee, that will make sense soon.) The Daily Poutine Gourmet Frites is heaven on earth for “French fry” lovers everywhere. To me, there’s nothing more decadent and delicious than French fries with gravy. The “French” version of their frites is drool worthy. Picture fries in a mushroom cream sauce with melted gruyere and how it will practically melt in your mouth. Honestly though, there’s no wrong choice here, every option is unforgettable.

The parks are alluring and we all love going to those  four beloved parks from sun up to sun down (and beyond) until we drop. However, with all of the flavorful offerings at Disney Springs it’s important to make a date with tastiness your next visit to the “happiest place on earth.” Your taste buds will thank you. Don’t forget to schedule a day at Disney Springs your next trip and come hungry!