runDisney Race Weekend Touring Tips for NON Racers

runDisney weekends are super fun if you are participating in the races. If you aren't however, you may just feel like running away from the crowds. As someone who has been both a racer and non-racer, here are five things you need to know to help better navigate the days, so you have the BEST [...]

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The Get Down to Disness ULTIMATE Disney Lovers Holiday Gift Guide

Okay, the stuffed Mickeys are adorable. Who doesn't love a fun, Disney inspired mug (check my cabinets, guilty as charged) or a cozy set of Mickey jammies? We all now Becky LOVES some glittery ears, what's one more pair, right? But what if...what if some GENIUS holiday fairy dropped off some original, insanely personal, relevant [...]

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The Inexplicable Joy of Disney Planning

Inexplicable to some, but not us. Am I right? If you're reading this, it's because you are my people. The attraction-loving, ear-wearing, character-meeting, pin-trading Disney traveler that pines to return to the Magic the moment your vacation is over. You are someone that uses Disney planning as a means to cope with not being ensconced [...]

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No Kids Required at Walt Disney World

Disney is absolutely for adults of all ages! One of the most common misconceptions about Walt Disney World is that “it’s just for kids”. While the magic of Disney tends to bring out an adult’s inner child, that statement couldn’t be further from the truth. The Walt Disney World Resort is absolutely a family friendly, [...]

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The Chapeau Hat Shop of Long Ago

The Chapeau in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom was once a spectacular and unique store! Disney parks are perpetually changing and as stated by Walt himself, will never be complete. That doesn’t mean we cannot or will not pine for the Disney of days past, where some very fond memories reside in our hearts.  It’s [...]

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