Cracking the FastPass+ Confusion Code

Photo Credit: Disney Like just about all aspects of a Disney vacation, FastPass+ selection requires strategy and well thought out planning. For first timers and veteran Disney travelers alike, Disney's FastPass+ System can be tedious at times. My inner child just wants to scream,"THERE'S TOO MANY RULES!" When I'm filling out my Get Down to [...]

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Sneaky Spots to Rest in Walt Disney World Parks

Where to Rest at Walt Disney World without Returning to Your Resort Okay, we are all friends here, I can be honest with you. It's a tough confession to make but here goes...I'm not getting any younger. Once upon a time I could ride anything, and I do mean ANYTHING and I could ride them [...]

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Top 5 NEW Foods at the 2017 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival

Last month, I got to enjoy so much of what the 2017 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival has to offer.  Exclusive merchandise, unique photo opportunities, and eating on the go—I love it all! Before visiting, I made a list of 5 new festival offerings that I was eager to try.  After trying all 5, here's my review [...]

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Dinner AND a Show? Yes Please!

Disney World is definitely one of those vacations that takes some planning which is why the Get Down to Disness Facebook group is such a great tool. There are so many little ins, outs and nuisances that make these vacations so completely unique. The trouble is, often these fun, unique shortcuts are not always something [...]

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What’s a Bounceback and Does it Hurt?

How to score FREE Dining before everyone else with a Bounceback! There is a special offer released to guests of Walt Disney World resorts WHILE you are visiting the parks. It isn't something that is greatly publicized, it isn't even something your travel agent will call you first thing in the morning to discuss. But [...]

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You Went to Disney & All I Got Was This Dopey Shirt!

Souvenirs at Walt Disney World Okay, you got me, I actually do mean this literally, I have gone to Walt Disney World Resorts and brought back a shirt with sweet Dopey on it for a family member. C'mon, who can resist that face?! I absolutely love shopping at the Disney World shops for me, for [...]

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Top 5 Must-Dos for the 2017 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival

It’s one of the most exciting times of the year at Walt Disney World – the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival is underway!  Home to so many exciting experiences, tasty treats and delightful drinks, this festival creates tons of memories for visitors year after year.  The list of things I enjoy about this 75-day [...]

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Build YOUR FREE Disney Family Decal

The FREE Disney Decals are BACK! Create and share your Disney Parks stick figure family and get a FREE decal mailed to your home. What a great activity for the whole family to participate in. Whether you are counting down until your next visit or need something to cure the post-Disney vacation blues, go ahead [...]

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