Why I Love The Epcot International Festival of the Arts

The Epcot International Festival of the Arts is back again for its second year—and I’m thrilled that my favorite Epcot pal, Figment, is front and center! This festival is similar to the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival and Flower and Garden Festival in many ways… but with a very special twist. There is way [...]

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Animal Kingdom Lodge’s Jambo House Says “Kwaheri” to Cash

Kwaheri means goodbye! Big news on the Walt Disney World Resorts front coming out now... Animal Kingdom Lodge's Jambo House will be participating in a pilot program beginning February 12, 2018 where ALL transactions will be handled using cash-free options. At the Jambo House exclusively, all services and purchases made will be paid for by using [...]

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Sci-Fi Dine In, So Good It’s Scary!

The Sci-Fi Dine In Theater We are asked for dining recommendations quite a bit in our Get Down to Disness Facebook group, dining is such a huge part of Disney World Resort vacations. For my family, it's one of the absolute BEST parts of our vacation. I think we all enjoy the food as much [...]

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Well Pull My String, Toy Story Land is Comin’!

Giddy-up Partners, more and more details are emerging about Toy Story Land and we are SO excited! The biggest piece of info, "When EXACTLY will it open" is still missing, but at least we know it's officially safe to say SOON! Walt Disney World Resorts are still saying "Summer 2018" and if you're like us [...]

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Gasp! I Lost My MagicBand, Now What?!

You've checked your carry on bags 100 times making sure that you packed your MagicBands. You've taken the time to decorate them, you've personalized them with names and everyone's favorite colors, maybe you've even sprung for fun, themed MagicBands. Not much says "vacation ready" quite like the MagicBand acquisition. (Isn't that the best piece of [...]

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Snacking Your Way Through the Springs

It's no secret that Disney Springs is the hub of all things delicious and is a shopper's dreamland. With nearly 60 restaurants to choose from there's no shortage of places to wet your whistle or fill your belly. Even with all of those options, Disney Springs is often only thought of as a "big meal" [...]

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No Kids Required at Walt Disney World

Disney is absolutely for adults of all ages! One of the most common misconceptions about Walt Disney World is that “it’s just for kids”. While the magic of Disney tends to bring out an adult’s inner child, that statement couldn’t be further from the truth. The Walt Disney World Resort is absolutely a family friendly, [...]

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I’m Dreaming of a Non-Park Disney Day

We've all heard the expression, "Practice what you preach." Well, I stink at that. Whenever helping friends plan their Disney World Resort vacations I always offer up, "Be sure to schedule a rest day in to see everything that is OUTSIDE of the parks." (I really sell it with authority too, I use my expert [...]

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The Chapeau Hat Shop of Long Ago

The Chapeau in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom was once a spectacular and unique store! Disney parks are perpetually changing and as stated by Walt himself, will never be complete. That doesn’t mean we cannot or will not pine for the Disney of days past, where some very fond memories reside in our hearts.  It’s [...]

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Bringing Disney World to Our Thanksgiving

Photo credit Disney If you're like us than you are Disney World Resort vacation dreaming all year long, especially around the holidays. My Thanksgiving this year will be spent here in our good ole' North Carolina home, but as we are currently in the throes of PDTD (Post Disney Trip Depression) it will be my [...]

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