Inexplicable to some, but not us. Am I right? If you’re reading this, it’s because you are my people. The attraction-loving, ear-wearing, character-meeting, pin-trading Disney traveler that pines to return to the Magic the moment your vacation is over. You are someone that uses Disney planning as a means to cope with not being ensconced inside an enchanting world where the stresses of daily life don’t seem to exist. That kind of euphoria found only at the Walt Disney World Resort is addicting! And because we can’t take leave of reality every day, planning gives us a satisfying taste of  what our future at the most magical place on earth will be and we keep coming back for more. Dream it. Plan it. Do it. Repeat.

At Get Down to Disness®, we focus wholly on Disney travel planning and in the true spirit of Disney, subscribe to the concept of edutainment. Teaching our friends, fans and followers all the ins and outs, tips, tricks and fun facts to enhance their vacations in creative, captivating ways. We’ve studied the Walt Disney Travel Company, and aspire to surprise and delight our guests, clients and customers in the same way they do theirs. Our motto is “Planning is Half the Fun” and we stand by that. Doing all we can to PLUS the planning experience of everyone we touch, giving the entire process magical feels way before the countdown calendar hits “0”.

Disney planning however, isn’t one size fits all and we realize that. Wanting to advise, guide and support each type of Disney vacation planner, we have segmented our focus on planning into three distinct tiers. Within each we offer information, products and services to help our friends fulfill their Disney vacation dreams. We believe, after years immersed in the industry, Disney planning enthusiasts want to either: plan LIKE a pro, plan WITH a pro or BE a planning a pro. Our deep love and passion (ok, obsession) for Disney planning has us working around the clock constantly to provide all the necessary tools no matter what type of planner you may be.


To Plan Like a Pro

Most of us fall in this category. We are infatuated with our Disney vacation plans. Simply engrossed in all the details in every moment of our spare time. It’s actually a hobby, but one we treat like a part-time job. With our fingers on the pulse of what’s happening at the Walt Disney World Resort, we take notes, strategize, plot, plan and dream up what we consider to be the ultimate vacation outline. For folks who want to plan like a pro, our FREE Private Facebook Community is an extremely valuable resource.

It’s not only a place to ask your burning Disney questions, but you’ll also find answers to questions you didn’t even know you had. On top of the community providing priceless information, it’s packed with a ton of fun, engaging and social activities that really bond members and help forge friendships. The no-nonsense membership policy makes it a safe and fun place to be without fear of judgement or snarky responses. If you can’t be nice, you can’t stay.

Our Planning Products

Since planning is truly our passion and at the core of everything we do, it should come as no surprise that we’ve created a daily planner just for the Walt Disney World Resort. The Get Down to Disness Daily Agenda Book, now in it’s 5th edition, has assisted over five thousand Disney-loving folks plan out their days so they don’t miss a thing! Naturally, we’ve included an erasable pen with the book because if anyone knows plans can and will change, it’s us! Our customers love it and have great things to say, you can read the reviews here.

Last year, we introduced a little passion project, the Magical Snack Match Card Game. On the surface, it appears to just be a fun family game, but it’s true purpose is getting users familiar with the fun snacks that can be found in and around the Walt Disney World Resort. We know our audience and we know they love snacking! With so many ways to play while learning, it’s an example of edutainment at it’s finest. At least we think so! Check out the commercial we made for Magical Snack Match here!

Our social media channels, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, all are stocked with tips, fun facts, must-dos and other ways to really knock your vacation out of the theme park. Follow along with us and you will be planning like a pro in no time at all. We don’t just show you what to do, we show you how to do it.

To Plan with a Pro

D-I-Y Disney planning is fabulously fun, but it’s also very time consuming. Having a good plan makes for a great vacation. But listen, there is no shame in the travel agent game! So if you simply don’t have the time or desire to get into the planning trenches, I absolutely recommend you get yourself a Disney-focused travel agent. Years ago, I partnered with the incomparable, Authorized Disney Travel Planner agency, Destinations to Travel. I’ve been an agent with them, senior advisor for them and business partner of theirs for many years. I stand by their agents’ abilities and would trust them to plan my very own vacations…if I didn’t obsess over my own planning. 😉

The Pros of Using a Pro

When you utilize the services of a Destinations to Travel agent, you:

  • Have control over how involved you want to be in the planning process.
  • Don’t need to get up early or stress about securing Advanced Dining Reservations or FastPass+ selections.
  • Can relax knowing your agent price-watches promotions to ensure you are paying the best available price for your package.
  • Can take comfort in knowing you have a lifeline should ANYTHING happen during your vacation that you need assistance with.
  • Won’t pay an extra dime for these concierge level services when your package is booked with your agent.
  • Usually get some great booking gifts!

If YOU want to be the one to secure dining reservations and FastPass selections, you are 100% more than welcome to. However, if those tasks are too stressful for you and you wish to defer to the pros, your agent will take on these planning services at ZERO cost to you. When you work with a travel agent, it’s like having a Disney BFF to bounce ideas off of. You have the big plans, they are responsible for making it happen. It’s a no-brainer for first-timers, first time in a long timers, or anyone who simply cannot take on the monumental task of planning for Walt Disney World.

Things can happen, sometimes not so pleasant things. For anyone new to Walt Disney World or to its more recent digital environment, having an agent to defer any crisis or emergency to, especially when it costs you nothing more, just makes sense. Disney-focused agents live and breathe the Disney universe day in and out. With things constantly changing at the resort, knowing an agent has your back is priceless! For a FREE, ZERO OBLIGATION quote, click here.


To Be a Planning Pro

The DREAM JOB! I have it and if you want it, you can have it too. If you’ve ever been told by family and friends that “you should be a Disney travel agent”, maybe you should think about it. I mean, what’s better than living and breathing Disney 24/7, planning outrageously fun Disney days and strategizing the ultimate theme park touring plans? I’ll tell you what…getting PAID to do it! On top of earning money, there is a whole slew of incredible perks that come along with it!

I personally spent years thinking I could never do it. I thought wrong and if you think you can’t, you’re thinking wrong too.

Our Training Products

Last year I introduced the Get Down to Disness Agent Prep Program: Fundamental Steps to Launch Your Career as a Disney-Focused Travel Planner. It’s an online, 5 module complete program that sets students on the path to realizing their dream of being a Disney-focused travel agent. For any amateur planners wanting to go pro, give this program a serious look. There is no other program like it available. While anyone can become a travel agent, not everyone will be successful. There is a formula that includes sales, marketing and customer service know-how, that without, success will be elusive.

But it’s not for everyone. Being a travel agent of any kind, in this case with a focus on Disney destinations, requires a certain set of skills and attributes before you can even consider enrolling in a program to get you on your way. Take a look here at this Skills Evaluation Worksheet and if you think you have what it takes, look further into the Agent Prep Program. We’ve welcomed 70 students over the last twelve months and every graduate that has applied for an agent position has been hired. The entire program is a very nurturing experience, that doesn’t end when you complete the final exam. Like everything we do at Get Down to Disness®, this program is designed to uplift, surprise and delight. You can read just a few of the comments we have received from our students, here.

For existing travel agents with a focus on Disney destinations that are struggling to grow their business, our new Plussing It Membership Site is our solution. This membership provides a complete done-for-you social media plan for each month of the year. It includes core training on building your business, bonus images, trainings and downloads to help you deliver the best service to your guests. Currently in beta development, the Plussing It Membership Site goes live on 1/1/20.

Planning IS SERIOUSLY Half the Fun

As you can see, we take planning VERY SERIOUSLY here at Get Down to Disness, but we are also serious about the fun we have. Everything we do has an element of joy. That spoonful of sugar Ms. Poppins sang about, we serve it with every piece of free content, product, promotion and service we offer. At the core of absolutely every single thing is that Disney planning magic. We recognized long ago the power of Disney vacation anticipation. How it makes us feel, how we crave it and how it truly is half the fun of the entire vacation process. To some, the enjoyment may very well be inexplicable, but to me and I’m guessing you too, it makes practically perfect sense.

Q: So tell us, how do YOU plan for Disney? Let us know in the comments!