I know that you guys feel me, Walt Disney World Resort is our home away from home. We’ve been visiting for so many years, so often that we know it like the backs of our hands. We have our favorite resorts, our favorite attractions, our must have souvenirs and we ABSOLUTELY have our favorite places to eat. For me, The Plaza Restaurant is just home.

Reason #1: Location, location, location! Main Street U.S.A. turns me into a misty mess. I am reduced to tears EVERY time I step foot on to it’s iconic sidewalks. When I head into The Plaza Restaurant to eat (in air conditioned bliss) I am still immersed in the beauty and nostalgia of my beloved Main Street. The Plaza’s charming, yet elegant decor is warm and welcoming. Speaking of welcoming, just like at any good, hometown haunt, the Citizens of Main Street like swing by and sometimes even break into a stirring rendition of “Happy Birthday” to a lucky fellow townsfolk. (Can’t get that at “Be Our Guest”, just sayin’)

Reason #2: We all want that coveted empty castle shot. Still, while everyone else is breaking their backs to get that early breakfast reservation at the more popular character digs, I know I can typically secure my breakfast reservation at The Plaza fairly easily. Picture me, enjoying my leisurely breakfast of savory Lobster Benedict where it’s quiet, it’s calm, and we are in and out in under an hour ready for our castle close-up.

Reason #3: The Plaza Restaurant SEES me, really sees me. When they were considering new menu options back in 2017 I really feel like my friends at The Plaza really considered MY needs. (Like any good, home town place will do, spoil the loyal!) That’s when they introduced the “Bottomless Milkshake.” Yea, you read that right, it’s bottomless. Unlimited. Gut busting if you’re up to the challenge. I can mix my flavors, I can indulge in the “flavor of the month” until I’m so stuffed that the sweet Mayor has to roll me out the door. Pure joy in a glass.

Reason #4: It’s a “Table Service” restaurant, but the good folks of Main Street know that we are still a family on a budget. You will find several delicious sandwich options that are within the same price range st what you will find at Quick Service locations “outside of town.” It’s nice to have the best of both worlds, time to catch up with our favorite servers, a good meal and still have some spending cash leftover!

Reason #5: There’s menu options that will surely suit everyone at the table. I am a huge fan of their Plaza Loaded fries and Fried Green Tomato Sandwich. The husband loves the meatloaf platter with the amazing garlic mashed potatoes. (Don’t tell Grandma, but its’ even better than hers!) Our kiddos mindlessly munch on the chicken strawberry salad or the Brisket Mac & Cheese, whatever gets them to the warm butterscotch bread pudding dessert the fastest.

There’s something idyllic and sweet about feeling completely at home even while on our Magical vacation. The Plaza Restaurant is a slice of home away from home and I can’t wait to slide back into our corner, window table with my bottomless shake and watch the fireworks all while feeling like I’m in my own backyard.

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