Maybe I’m biased, but the Fall is my favorite season. I love sweatshirts with shorts (I do live in the South), I am a sucker for pumpkin spiced anything, I love scary movies and I LOVE the changing colors and the crispness in the air. We were once Spring or Summer Disney travelers. As part of the “Generation X” crowd even before we had kids, we hit Walt Disney World resorts in the summer, because it was all we knew growing up. Take a Summer vacation! Then, we had kids and life is forever changed. Cue the school scheduling restraints and…ugh…budgets. There’s something magical EVERY season at Walt Disney World, but here are the top five reasons why Fall has captured my heart…and pocketbook.

1-It is true, I love the Fall, but in the interest of being 100% candid with you, it wasn’t my love affair of pumpkin spice lattes and Mickey trick or treat bowls that first brought us to Walt Disney World in the Fall. Nope, we were reeled in probably about nine years ago by the Fall Free Dining promotion. I don’t know about you, but there are few sweeter words than “Free Dining.” I know, I know…”there’s no such thing as free.” Still, our family are HUGE fans of the dining promotion because we eat our faces off with zero apologies given. Our youngest is eight, and Disney loses money every year when that kid hits the Biergarten buffet line. Every year the husband says,”We’ll go only if they offer free dining….” Boy, they have us right where they want us, don’t they?

2-Historically we have also really enjoyed the Fall because the crowd levels have been remarkably lighter than what we had experienced in Spring and Summer visits. We easily became spoiled by being able to pretty much just walk on most rides. I remember riding Expedition Everest one year so many times in a row I actually begged to be let off! It’s easier to get our favorite dining reservations at times that our “early bird special” family likes to eat and we weren’t shoulder to shoulder with the masses. However, probably partly in thanks to that bewitching “Free Dining Promotion” we have been noticing an increase in crowd levels during our usual week. (We are a Labor Day week crew, sounds insane, but it’s worked!) I guess the word is out that Fall is a great way to save some cash and have some breathing room. Rats.disney stroller

3-I also love our Fall trip for all the fun and festive decorations that Disney does. It’s pretty cool to be walking around in flip flops and tank tops while checking out all of the fun Halloween gear and illuminated Mickey pumpkin lanterns. I feel like Fall is the kick off to just the sweetest, best time of the year, the opening act for holiday bliss. When we visit Walt Disney World dressed in all it’s Fall fun, I can’t help but get excited!

4-For the first time ever our family is attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party this year!” We have all been anxious to go, but this is the first year that we actually planned and saved to make it happen. (Shhh, it is a surprise for our girls.) I have watched countless YouTube videos of the “Boo to You” Parade and of the unique Halloween lighting scheme of Main Street USA. I am beyond giddy to see it all in person. Summer is great, it’s the season that just feels so wide open and free, but for me, Halloween is where you can really let your hair down and let loose!image

5-Fall in Disney is also great for the weather. I know, IT IS CRAZY HOT IN SEPTEMBER! My point exactly! Granted, it’s hot, it’s humid and thunderstorms love to kick up and give your ponchos a workout, but it’s still Summer. I get all my Fall trimmings, my pumpkin lattes, my Halloween party, my “Fall” promotions, my spooky Halloween souvenirs all while still being able to enjoy the pool, coat myself in SPF 500, eat my ice cream super fast before it melts and get the best of two of my favorite seasons all in one.1234154_10201991742261107_1591187354_n

How about you, when is your favorite season to visit? Would it be the same season if time, money and scheduling weren’t an issue? We’d love to hear all about what makes your trip magical!