‘Twas the night before Disney and all through the house,
No one was asleep, too eager for the Mouse!
Our bags were long packed, placed in the car with care,
Trimmed with magical tags, so they too would get there.

The kids tossed with excitement and glee in their beds,
While visions of Mickey bars swirled in their heads.
And with me perusing my list and he with his,
We found how impossible getting rest is.

When all of a sudden the panic struck me.
I jumped up, hit the light, as I needed to see!
I pulled out my trusty planner, checking it twice.
This feeling of dread, it was really not nice!

Reservations were made, FastPasses secured.
Our days planned to a “T” so we’d never be bored.
The flights were confirmed, the boarding passes in hand,
Along with a map of New Fantasyland.

What could I have missed, I have covered it all?
I’d spent 12 months planning so we’d all have a ball.
Some coins for pressed pennies, and lanyards for pins.
Books for autographs, even swimming pool fins!

I wracked my brain madly for the smallest of clues,
For a moment I thought, “we should have taken the cruise!”
Disney is overwhelming, there’s so much to see,
Did I forget something crucial, how could it be?

Then as fast as it came, the panic dispersed.
I put the planner and plane tickets back in my purse.
I settled back down, gave my husband a smile,
And recalled what I’d forgotten for a brief little while.

That Disney is family, that Disney is fun,
Disney is magical, and second to none!
No matter how it starts, or how the trip it ends,
We’ll have the best time thanks to a few of our friends!

There’s Goofy and Pluto and Donald and Minnie!
Daisy and Chipmunks -most of all Mickey!
They are the heart of the Kingdom, the keys to the world.
Who in their hands hold the joy of all boys and girls.

We’ll be seeing them soon, and what fun it will be!
To laugh, play and explore with my sweet family.
A place like no other, a kingdom of dreams.
Faith, trust and pixie dust- all I needed it seems.

We were in very good hands, I knew this to be true!
Here’s how I was certain and I’ll share it with you.
As I started to drift, my last thought for the night…
“Although I fear flying, I can’t wait for the flight!”

Happy trip planning!
ºoº Kat