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I LOVE this planning book! There are so many options at Disney, and planning is a MUST if you want to get the most out of your vacation. It can be very difficult to keep all of your reservations and plans straight. This planning book eliminates the possibility of mixing up the details of your vacation because everything is listed in one place! She has thought of every detail you may need to keep close at hand and included it in this agenda book. It is clear that this agenda book was written by someone who has a lot of experience with Disney travel and knows just what a traveler will need!
I have ordered several. I even “made” my sister get one for our upcoming trip. It’s everything I would have put into a planner and didn’t. What was my multi-colored highlighter, excel sheet, binder clip “pile” of paperwork is here in this BEAUTIFUL, bound, card-stock and sturdy book. I am using one for this trip, I will present one to my daughter for her honeymoon planning and still have one to start planning my next trip. And if I need more, why I’ll just buy more!!!
Cindi Arroyo
I love this book….I always have to have a two pocket folder with all my dining reservations, plans for the parks, etc printed out and have to rifle through pages….now, this book is all in one, has organized pages for everything I need to carry…day by day itinerary for up to two weeks. If you make your entries in pencil or erasable pen you could surely get two trips out of it. It also has a section for what to pack with a checklist so you don’t forget anything. Good quality thick cardstock pages also…. perfect!!
D. Hall
The Get Down to Disness Agenda book is awesome! No other way to put it. I have been going to Disney for many years with my large family and though we always have a great time, things ALWAYS get a little hectic with the planning. There is just so much to do and see, it’s difficult to map it out and we usually end up missing things we wanted to see/do. I heard about this book through a friend and decided to purchase it for my upcoming trip. I am so glad I did! It made things so simple for our big family and we were really able to get more out of this trip, than we ever have during our past visits! I love this product and will continue to buy this for future trips. I plan on giving them as Christmas gifts for some of my fellow “Disney Crazies”. What a wonderful idea!
Jen Lazar
Get Down to Disness caught my eye through their awesome contests on their Facebook page. I’m so happy to have this planner for our Disney trip! Helps to stay organized and keeps my hubby from asking me a million questions … “refer to the Disness book!” AND my favorite part of this unique planner is all of the great tips and tricks throughout the days … make sure you read through those before your trip! I loved the idea about the M&M candy tubes for holding your pennies & quarters. Happy Disness planning everyone!
Laurie Lanteri
Get Down To Disness vacation planner is a phenomenal planning guide! It organizes every element of your travel plans. I would recommend anyone planning a Disney vacation purchase this planning book to keep all of your valuable travel details together all in one place! I love how it creates a travel memory keepsake to treasure!
Shannon Bonadurer, Destinations to Travel Agency Owner
I’m going to be honest – as a seasoned Disney traveler I didn’t think that Get Down to Disness was going to be of a huge use to me, but I wanted to check it out as a #tool for our novice fans. I was so surprised at how useful it is that I’ve already begun to plan my December trip with it! This book puts my color coded Excel spreadsheet to shame. In fact, I’d love to see this tool become available for Disneyland and Disney Cruise Line… but that’s another post for another time.

I would highly recommend trying it out – you never know what you might learn!

Stephanie Shuster, Dad's Guide to WDW
I LOVE this planner!! Whether you are a Disney veteran or going for your first time, this daily agenda book is a MUST. A truly successful trip requires a lot of planning, and creating your trip and the anticipation of it is definitely part of the fun. This agenda book gives you a place to plan each day with space to record your dining confirmations and the things you don’t want to miss like parades and fireworks. It’s colorful, sleek and lightweight. I might consider getting a few if you are traveling in a group so that everyone is on the same page. I also think it would be a great gift for someone you know is planning a trip. I highly recommend it.
Kathy Merkl
Just posting for anyone considering buying this theme. It is absolutely wonderful to work with – you won’t regret a decision to buy it! I had a website entirely set up in a couple of hours with no glitches and my client is thrilled.
Lauren Mastridge
This planner is definitely worth every penny and an absolutely priceless addition to the planning tools for not only new visitors to Walt Disney World but veteran visitors as well. I can’t wait to use mine next week!
Janice Brady, The Adult Side of Disney
I love going to Disney World with my family and helping other people plan trips. A Disney trip is a big undertaking, though, with lots of pieces of information to keep track of and organize.
My life is increasingly hectic, and I’m grateful to have found Get Down to Disness. This book will help me to plan for–and organize–our future trips. As Disney World grows and evolves, planning is even more important, and there are even more details to keep track of, such as advance dining reservations and FastPass+ times. In addition to the planning pages, I love the money-, time-, and sanity-saving tips by the author. Also, each daily agenda page includes a “quick daily check list” of things to remember before leaving your hotel room–genius! The book also features the most inclusive packing lists I’ve ever seen. I highly recommend Get Down to Disness. It’s a terrific book to help you plan your next
magical Disney trip.
Jennifer Bright Reich, Celebrations Press
If you’re the planning type that likes to have all of your trip details in one easy-to-use book, then the Get Down to Disney Daily Agenda book is what you need! As you take your trip, you can also fill in memories from each day. So once your book has been used, you can save it as a vacation keepsake – as it documents all the details and memories of your trip!
Terri Miller, WDW Hints
THANK YOU for the best theme ever! I’ve worked with quite a few, and this one is the first theme I’m using repeatedly.
Beth Ferguson
I’m a really big Disney fan & we over plan our trips all the time. I love this book, it has everything that you need!!!
Great Job Disness!!!!
Jodi Regazzini
This is a great planner! It’s an easy way to keep all your trip info in one place!
Eric E. Bates
This agenda is fantastic! It is so well organized and will keep my family and I organized as we take our trip to Disney. Very happy with the product and I would definitely recommend this agenda to others. Will order this again in the future for our next Disney trip.
Jennifer Streeter
Been to Disney World many times and know it is wonderful and hectic at the same time. Last trip used this Agenda Book and it made everything less hectic therefore much more fun. Having all your information – dinner reservations, show times, meet and greet times, etc. all in one convenient place was just terrific. What I also like about it is that it is not bulky and heavy as some of the other books I haveused in the past. All I can add is that this is a must for anyone visiting Disney.
Joyce Logan
I received this planner for our last trip to WDW and loved it.
My Disness Planner not only provided me an organized compact space to record all things we wanted to get to but it gave me a lot of relevant useful tips and tricks.
I loved how the Planner helps you outline the key information you will need to get the most out of trip – from hotel, dining reservations, parade or show times, magic hours. Plus it is compact / light enough you can throw it in your backpack and bring it with you to the park.
C. Lugani
This is going to be great for keeping track of reservations and for recording memories while on our trip.
Beth Ferguson
Fantastic for my 12 day trip. Great for planning and memory book after the trip.
Sara & Keith
I love anything that helps with planning disney
Sandra Jamison
I absolutely love this daily agenda book for Disney vacations! I am a travel agent and I provide one for each of my guests. It’s a great way to document your vacation and keep everything organized in one place. Kathleen has done a wonderful job and is fantastic to work with!
Donna Sharick, Travel Agent
I was so excited when I ordered this product…but even more excited when I opened it and saw how absolutely awesome it is! Some even put a little note on the package wishing us a magical vacation! Very awesome:)
Amazon Customer
I’m a 1000% OCD about planning my Disney vacations. We go as often as possible…with that being said I have bought a LOT of planning books, printable pages etc. NOTHING has been a perfect as this. Nothing has even come close to making planning as thorough yet simple as this little agenda book. I recommend it highly over anything else I have ever found. 🙂
Love this tool! Using it to get ready for our June trip to Disney World! Really puts everything in one place that can be easily carried throughout Disney with little struggle to find it!
Jennifer Krohne
I wanted to let you know that I bought the Agenda Book because it was cute, but I really didn’t think I had much use for it, as I had everything in a spreadsheet and it seemed like a lot of duplication. However, I’ve been using it recently to plan my ADRs and I found it more than helpful! Even my teenager thought it was great. Thank you very much!
Elizabeth Gillespie
I love to plan ahead on everything i do. This is a great tool to plan your Disney Vacation even if you think you don’t need it. I’ve gone to Disney countless times, but found this agenda to make things even more exciting, that I’m so much more anxious to go to Disney more than I ever have been in the past because I’m having fun planning every detail. As usual don’t expect every detail to go as planned, but that’s what the agenda is for. There’s a page for every detail; your hotel info, dining reservations, type of transportation, type of tickets your using, list of things to pack, etc. Even if you’ve been to Disney, going to Disney for 2 days or 7 this is a good tool and makes the anticipation of going more exciting!