At Get Down to Disness®, our motto is “planning is half the fun”. We whole-hardheartedly believe this to be true about the work put in during the months, weeks and days leading up to a Walt Disney World vacation. The researching, strategizing, plan-shifting, schedule-pushing, stamina-testing marathon of joy that pays off with a magical vacation in the end. As planners, we are always looking for the next valuable tool to put in our toolbox to assist in getting even more out of our precious, albeit brief time with the Mouse. Is WDW Magazine a secret planning weapon and worth the kinda hefty price tag? Let’s discuss…but before we do- in full disclosure- I have been provided a complimentary subscription, I write for the magazine and I earn commission when a subscription is purchased via links in this article. However, this does not prevent me from shooting straight and telling it like it is. Not every thing is for every person. I only endorse the products I believe in and I still don’t think it’s for everyone.

Since 2014, WDW Magazine has been informing fans of the Walt Disney World Resort on all sorts of goings on inside the the digital version of the publication. I was a subscriber long before I became a writer. Packed with a metric goofy ton of tips, reviews, advice, photos, videos and more, each month, like clock-work a new edition magically appears for account holders. At about $5 per issue ($4 if you purchase all 12 months at one time) it is a bit steep for digital content at first glance. However, if you take a free test-drive of the digital magazine, which they allow you do, you quickly see this is no small-town weekly gazette. The articles are rich with content, the photos taken by professional photographers, the advice, tips and information are supplied by experts in the field. With the luxury of digital, readers are treated to links to video content as well, which takes the experience to a whole new level. At $5 a month or $48 for the year, it’s a worthy investment, particularly since once you’re in, you’ll have access to ALL past issues. While some of that older content may be irrelevant seeing as Disney changes things faster than you can say Mickey Mouse, the bulk of that material is still incredibly valuable.

In 2018, much to the delight of many readers (myself included), WDW Magazine tried their hand at a print edition. The response to the trial edition was overwhelming. As such, WDW Magazine is now a monthly printed publication. To receive your monthly dose of tangible Disney medicine will set you back $8 per issue (paid annually) so that’s a $96 investment up front. That kind of stings. So do I think it’s worth the cost?

First, the thing is gorgeous. That might sound biased, but with a background in graphic design for the last (you don’t need to know how many) years, I’ve got an eye for creative and looks do matter very much to me when it comes to design. Big, bold and deliciously glossy, it’s the perfect accessory for my office conference table. Second, the content is multi purpose. No doubt it’s entertaining but through my eyes, it’s an outstanding planning tool. Not only providing details and facts, but in general, acquainting readers with so many of the little things that make a Disney vacation so magical. With stunning photography to supplement and compliment the text, just for a few moments, you feel as if you’ve entered into the lands of Yesterday, Tomorrow and Fantasy.

Listen, if you are an avid fan of Walt Disney World, you don’t need to be sold on anything. You want every possible nugget of analysis and exploration on the resorts, parks, attractions, restaurants, shows, parties, shops, festivals, merchandise and everything else that you can possibly think of that surrounds the Walt Disney World Resort. You want to see photos, get insider tips, learn fun facts and generally, just be a part of the “club”. WDW Magazine has their very own subscriber Facebook group. For you, my like-minded friends, this magazine has all of the above. It is a must have. Treat yo’ self.

On the flip side, if you are a first-timer, only visiting for the kids, it’s a childhood right-of-passage type of Walt Disney World vacationer, well…try a digital issue first, they offer one for FREE. See if you, like so many of us, get addicted after a taste of the magic. It’s that secret ‘feel-good’ sauce we just cannot seem to get enough of. If we could, we would put that stuff on everything! WDW Magazine is drenched in it. But like I said, not everything is for everyone, so test drive the digital version for free. If you enjoy it, explore the digital issues and if you too get hooked, go ahead and splurge.

Getting back to the pricing, we must remember that although both the digital and print editions are professionally produced, stylish and of high quality in material and content, WDW Magazine is a small business. Everyone needs to eat and with lower circulation numbers than say People magazine, the quantity printing discounts just aren’t there… yet. However, they do have a bundle option that provides a bit of a discount when both the digital and print versions are purchased together. Bonus!

Chances are too, if you are even thinking of subscribing to the print edition, you are not going to toss these magazines in the trash after you’ve read them cover to cover, but rather collect them. Trust me, you’ll collect them. (It’s not hoarding if it’s Disney stuff, right?)

There you have it, my two cents, for what it’s worth (hopefully at least a nickle), on WDW Magazine. If you too, would like to escape to the Walt Disney World Resort each month for about eight bucks, you can subscribe here.

If you do subscribe or if you already have, comment by letting us know what you think! -Kat