3 Reasons Why You SHOULD Whoop It Up at the Hoop Dee Do Musical Revue

You just might see your family member up on stage!

 By Suzanne Burmeister

The Hoop Dee Do Musical Revue, led by the Pioneer Hall Players, might at first glance sound like a hokey show to ignore in favor of other Disney experiences, but you would be terribly wrong. This dinner show boasts not only some of the funniest family entertainment you can find on Walt Disney World property — period — but also includes delicious All You Can Eat food unlike anything you can find in the parks.

Here are three reasons why you need to make it part of your trip.

1. Offset Your Final Disney Bill by Prepaying in Advance

First, let’s get to the nitty gritty of how much the Hoop Dee Do Musical costs.

Price: Depending on where you would like to sit, the current price ranges (2018) are:

Category 1

(closest to the stage)
Category 2

(behind Category 1 or center balcony)
Category 3

(balcony left or right)
Ages 10 and older$72$67$64
Ages 9 and younger$43$39$38

You have to pay the full amount before you go, and if you don’t give proper notice, you may get charged for a cancellation. If you have an Annual Pass and Tables in Wonderland membership, you can get a 20% discount.

Benefit: If you plan things out, the benefit of that is that you’ve already paid for the show, thereby offsetting some of that final Disney bill you’ll receive at the end of your trip. True, you still have to commit to the payment, but I’ve found that unbundling the expenses can really help manage your entire vacation cost.

This may sound like an expensive dinner when you could be picking up a quick service meal, so you have to know—is it really worth it?

2. Find Out Why Yes, It’s Absolutely Worth It

Many times I’ve found myself wishing my local eateries included something unique like the Sci-Fi Dining Theater, but I won’t be able to find another restaurant like that anywhere—and Hoop Dee Doo Revue is in the same category. This show has been running since 1974, and that means it could be the country’s longest running dinner show.

Location: This two hours variety-show dining experience takes place in Pioneer Hall, which will make you feel like you’re dining somewhere in Frontier Land and a Country Bear is about to appear on the stage, but you’re wrong. You’re in a much less populated area, and live performers are about to appear. No animatronics anywhere.

To get here, you’ll need to find your way to the Fort Wilderness Campground. You can take a boat from Magic Kingdom, or you can take a bus from the front of the campground to the back, where Pioneer Hall and the ferry boat dock is located. You won’t be able to park a car nearby, so you need to account for extra travel time. These shows always fill up — and for good reason — so you may escape the crowds for the time it takes to make your way to dinner, but you’ll find yourself in a line waiting to be taken inside once you get there.

Menu: Once you’re seated, you’re immediately treated to fresh baked bread and a tossed green salad. The servers will take your drink orders. Unlimited draft beer, wine and sangria are included for Guests 21 years of age and up (proper ID required). Soft drinks are also included. After the show starts, you’ll get a break where the servers will return with the main course, including baked beans, homestyle fried chicken, smoked BBQ pork ribs, and corn on the cob. Finally, dessert will include strawberry shortcake. Everything is family style at your table, meaning you can request more of anything you want.

Note: You can find the similar offerings next door, at the Trail’s End Restaurant, in a buffet style format. But you’re at Hoop Dee Do to enjoy more than down-home food. You’re about to enjoy a rollicking good show.

3. Laugh at the Show Because It’s Funny

Once Claire de Lune, Johnny Ringo, Dolly Drew, Six Bits Slocum, Flora Long and Jim Handy hit the stage in their wigs and costumes, you might be wondering, what was I thinking? But trust me, you cannot help but get into the show. That’s mostly due to audience participation.

They’ll perform some high stepping songs and comedic skits, and they’ll even run into the audience to ask your table where you’re from. There’s a very endearing section where they ask married couples to dance according to how long they’ve been married. You’ll not only get to cheer along with the players but for your fellow diners — particularly when they’re dragged up on stage and made to do embarrassing things all in the name of good fun. (Note: If the idea of that scares you, opt for Category 2 or 3 seating; you’re less likely to be “picked on.”)

The performers are quality, and they will be so fast-moving and talented that the general vibe in the room will be energetic and happy. Little ones will squeal with laughter, and people like me will go red-faced in-between requests for more ribs. Any die-hard Disney fan should take part in this experience at least once. Good food and good laughs — that’s my favorite combination.

Important: Be sure to book well in advance, as the Hoop Dee Do sells out very quickly. If a magical vacation including the Hoop Dee Do Revue sounds perfect to you, Let’s chat about how to get you there. Our travel services are absolutely FREE to you when you book your Disney Destination vacation with us!


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